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Join the Global Conversation about Conflict Management

What if you could tell the legal system and its professionals what you want and need to manage conflict - in your business, in your community, or in your life? In 2016 you have an opportunity to do just that.

Welcome to Munn Conflict Resolution Services

Munn Conflict Resolution Services helps you prevent, manage and resolve conflict in the workplace, in business, in non-profit organizations and within the family.

We provide mediation, arbitration, facilitation and training services from a base in Ontario, Canada.

Count on us for effective, fair, confidential and timely service.

Our professional team is led by Kathryn Munn, a skilled mediator, arbitrator and facilitator with experience in law practice. Her many years of background as a dispute resolution expert add up to the resource you need for difficult situations.

Who is Kathryn Munn?

Mediator Education Program